Instant Payday Loans

At Express Finance, we offer Online Instant Payday Loans in South Africa. While managing your finances isn’t the easiest thing to do in this day and age with prices constantly increasing and expenses piling up overnight, many of us give it all we’ve got and, manage to get by.

The real issue arises when something unexpected happens and the usual budget gets thrown out the window. This can be anything from your car breaking down or your geyser bursting to a child’s birthday or upcoming holiday that you simply don’t have enough for.


In such a case, you may need a little extra cash to get things done and, if you’re like the rest of us – you need it as soon as possible. This is where instant payday loans come in – they can be obtained quickly and provide small sums of cash to help us get by when money is tight and pay day is nowhere in sight.


One of these advantages is the obvious time aspect. With a personal loan you may have to wait days and even weeks to get the money credited to your account while a payday loan is processed much quicker, giving you access to it in a speedy manner as well.


Personal loans from banks also only offer larger cash amounts – which isn’t ideal for people who only really need a small sum of money to get by until their next pay day comes around. Take advantage of our Instant payday loans, apply for one today!

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